Should I Buy a Condominium in Adam Road Singapore?

should i buy a condominium in sg

Many Singaporeans view owning a condominium as a status symbol and may choose to upgrade from their HDB flat to one of these properties. When searching for your ideal condo, make sure that it’s near schools and amenities you desire.

Beyond your workplace location, consider also its proximity to public transit stations – this is particularly relevant as many Singaporeans rely on MRT system as their means of transport.


Location is one of the key considerations when buying a condo in Adam Road Singapore. Buyers generally look for properties within walking distance from MRT stations; nearing new or forthcoming stations increases its potential future value; this holds especially true in central locations where condos tend to appreciate faster.

Consideration must also be given to proximity to universities and tourist spots; such areas attract many prospective tenants and visitors who could help offset ongoing maintenance fees for owners in the long run.

Also important when purchasing a condo is knowing the rules and regulations of its community. Some condos don’t permit owners to rent out their property, for instance. To find out more, speak with a property agent for additional guidance.


Condominiums provide residents with many facilities to make life comfortable and productive. When selecting your condominium, review its amenities to make sure they match up with your lifestyle needs and preferences – for instance, finding a condo close to public transport stops, schools and shopping malls could make running errands or engaging in retail therapy easier without traveling too far away.

Condos also provide facilities that make meeting your social and fitness goals easier, like gyms or swimming pools that can increase health and wellness. Furthermore, it is also important to assess security and maintenance within a condominium complex.

Singapore offers two kinds of condos for purchase: private and executive condominiums (EC). Executive condominiums (EC) are government-subsidized units that make an excellent option for single Singaporeans or permanent residents looking for property in key districts, while foreigners are restricted from buying either new ECs or resale HDB flats, and must pay a Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) of up to 15% of the purchase price.


Condo fees provide essential maintenance of shared spaces and amenities, eliminating the need to budget for expensive repair costs. They also protect individual units from falling into disrepair which could reduce value significantly.

Not only must condo owners cover maintenance expenses, they must also abide by guidelines set by their community’s HOA. This may include rules about painting colors or pet ownership restrictions and how much can be spent on remodeling expenses. It is crucial that you are aware of these restrictions prior to buying a condominium as they could greatly impede on your lifestyle.

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Capital Appreciation

Condos in Singapore make for excellent investments, offering higher capital appreciation rates than other types of properties. But their rates of appreciation can depend on a number of factors; location is often the biggest deciding factor; other considerations could include infrastructure development or proximity to amenities.

Condos provide safe and secure living environments with low crime rates and stable economies – perfect for people looking to build wealth through property investments over time.

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Prior to purchasing a condominium in Singapore, it is crucial to understand all the various elements influencing its value. This will enable you to make the best choice that suits both your needs and financial plan. Furthermore, it is necessary to comprehend all associated costs, such as ABSD fees and non-refundable option fees.

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