Lumina Grand EC in Bukit Batok

lumina grand ec

Lumina Grand EC is an ideal location for HDB upgraders looking for an opulent lifestyle. With its convenient access to key business hubs, professionals can reach key work destinations quickly – saving them valuable time they can devote to family or leisure pursuits.

Shopping centres around Bukit Batok and Jurong provide more than retail therapy; they also offer an abundance of dining options that cater to people of all preferences.


Lumina Grand executive condo is more than just a place to call home; it provides HDB upgraders with an incredible lifestyle option that blends luxury, convenience and community within an environment with potential for profitable growth. Plus its prime location provides unrivalled access to everything Singapore has to offer!

The EC’s proximity to top schools and universities makes it an attractive option for families with young children. Hillgrove Secondary School and Swiss School in Singapore are within close range; Keming Primary School boasts an outstanding track record in developing creativity, innovation, and character growth – providing families with young children an ideal schooling option nearby.

Shopping enthusiasts will appreciate Lumina Grand EC’s prime location near West Mall in Bukit Batok and Jurong Point – two major suburban malls offering plenty of retail and food outlets that will satisfy everyone’s shopping desires.

Lumina Grand offers more than shops and restaurants; its prime location near public transportation hubs provides easy access to other parts of the city. Furthermore, with the forthcoming Jurong Region Line (JRL), connectivity will further be enhanced, making travel to work simpler without encountering traffic jams or delays. Furthermore, enhanced transport links will support local companies while contributing towards economic development in the area.


Lumina grand is an attractive investment option, as it combines numerous amenities with an ideal location. This combination should lead to higher property values and make Lumina grand an appealing option for upgrading HDB flats. Furthermore, its location will benefit from the future arrival of Jurong Region Line (JRL), making transportation easier within Singapore city.

With the JRL close by, Lumina Grand residents will easily be able to reach major malls, recreational areas and commercial centres with ease. Plus, this green public transport alternative helps residents reduce their carbon footprint.

The JRL will foster the establishment of shopping malls, entertainment hubs, and dining districts near its stations, giving Lumina Grand residents easier access to new shopping options and an array of dining choices.

Parents will be pleased to know that there are several educational institutions nearby Lumina Grand. Bukit Batok Secondary School provides an outstanding learning environment and fosters its students into independent individuals through character education, academic pursuits, leadership development and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Big Box hypermart also features an impressive selection of products ranging from electronics to furniture; its spacious layout and kid-friendly facilities make it an excellent place for families shopping together.


Lumina Grand stands out as an outstanding executive condo in Singapore due to its strong build quality and ideal location. Close to eateries and supermarkets, residents have plenty of leisure and business options at their disposal; those who enjoy spending their free time outdoors will appreciate its proximity to nearby parks and green spaces; plus this area hosts several schools which make it suitable for families with young children.

Residents who choose this EC will find comfort in its proximity to Bukit Batok MRT Station and multiple bus interchanges, offering easy connectivity to vital areas in and around the city, saving commuters valuable time on daily journeys so they can dedicate more time towards work or personal pursuits.

Lumina Grand residents will benefit greatly from the Jurong Region Line (JRL) when it opens, providing faster and easier travel between western and northwestern parts of Singapore, making life much simpler when heading out for work, shopping, visiting friends or simply socialising. It will make their commute much simpler!

Residents at Lumina Grand can also opt for eco-friendly transport modes like cycling or walking as part of Singapore’s goal to promote sustainable living practices and lower carbon footprints.


Lumina Grand stands out as an impressive display of modern living opulence, and its location near prominent shopping centres in both Bukit Batok Town and Jurong only adds to its residential allure. Plus, being situated close to major expressways such as Pan Island Expressway and Bukit Timah Expressway makes reaching various parts of Singapore quick and effortless.

Lumina Grand features an eye-catching exterior and offers an impressive variety of amenities to meet the lifestyle needs of its residents, such as state-of-the-art gym facilities, tranquil swimming pools and inviting BBQ pits. This luxurious lifestyle makes the EC an attractive choice for people transitioning from HDB apartments.

The EC is located near Jurong Region Line (JRL) stations, providing residents with easy access to public transport that enables them to reduce their carbon footprint while supporting Singapore’s goal for sustainability.

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Lumina Grand’s location near Dulwich College provides it with easy access to an exceptional education that prepares its students for success in future careers. Nearby Millennia Institute also offers families an outstanding pre-university experience through rigorous academic courses combined with diverse co-curricular activities that provide students with an unforgettable pre-university experience.

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