What is the Best Packaging for Bags?

A key to successful handbag packaging is creating an unforgettable unboxing experience. The right material can help make this possible by promoting the brand and providing a high-end feel.

Poly bags are a great option for handbags because they can reduce the need for void fill, making them less expensive to ship than boxes. They also have a shorter packaging process and are curbside recyclable.

Poly Mailer Bags

Poly mailer bags are one of the most popular types of packaging in the ecommerce shipping industry. They are lightweight, sturdy, and affordable. They are also easy to customize. You can have your company name and logo printed on the envelopes, which will help to build brand awareness among your target audience. The bags feature precise tear strips, making them easy for customers to open without mangling the packaging. The bags also have a release liner, which protects the adhesive until you are ready to seal the bags.

These bags are great for non-fragile items that cannot be crushed, like apparel. They are also a good choice for products that are already in sturdy packaging, such as phone cases or decks of cards. They are also an ideal option for sending books or other print materials via USPS media mail.

The lightweight nature of poly mailer bags makes them space-savers. They take up less room in shipping trucks than cardboard boxes do, which saves on shipping costs. Poly mailers are also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging. You can find them made with recycled materials, and many of them are 100% recycled.

When shopping for poly mailers, consider how well the envelope will fit the product you are shipping. Make sure there are no flat spots or gaps in the packaging, which may cause problems during shipping. A sloppy fit could result in damages to the product and a bad unboxing experience for your customer.

Foil Sealed Pouches

Foil sealed pouches are made from quality materials to maintain freshness of your product in long-term storage. They have high moisture, oxygen and light barriers. These are good for packaging products such as ground coffee, dried fruits and trail mix, or even liquid items like juices and cocktails.

They are flat and simple to fill and seal. The structure has no folds or gussets and allows for the use of add-ons such as spouts, hang holes and re-closable zippers. They also have a large surface area for printing and other design embellishments to make your packaging more attractive to your customers.

This type of pouch is a perfect choice for products that need to be sealed in a tight environment. They are designed to protect the contents from air oxidation, water and odor infiltration. They can be fitted with degassing valves to release any gas produced by the product while in storage.

These bags are easy to open as they have a back center seal that can be gripped by customers to peel off the bag. They are durable and can withstand hot temperatures and freezer conditions. They can be printed with your company logo, user manual, graphics and other information about the product. They are also reusable and come in different sizes. These can also have clear windows to let your clients see the products in the pouch as they make a purchase.

Wrapper Pouches

Whether it’s for an artisan handbag or a child’s backpack, great packaging shows the world what you stand for and makes people remember your brand. It also communicates how and why your products are different from others, allowing potential buyers to decide if they’re right for them.

Increasingly popular, pouches are one of the most versatile packaging solutions available. Designed to keep liquids, powders and granules protected from external contamination while retaining their shape, they’re commonly used across a range of industries, from food to household goods.

With options for gusseted and flat bottomed pouches with side terminations or non-terminated sides, they’re the ideal choice for a wide range of products. From juice drinks to smoothies and pre-mixed cocktails, they’re a convenient alternative to tubs or jars of liquid food, helping save storage space while maintaining the quality of the product inside.

To make this pouch, cut two pieces of vinyl slightly larger than the wrapper. Iron the vinyl to remove the paper backing, and then place the wrapper on top with the pretty side facing down. Pin around the edges, being sure to push the zipper toward the lining so that it won’t tear in transit. Using a zipper foot and increasing your stitch length, sew along the zipper edge. Trim the corners, being careful not to snip your stitches. Turn the bag right side out, and sew up the bottom of the lining, being careful not to catch the zipper.

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Paper Bags

Paper bags are a versatile packaging option for a wide range of products. They are environmentally friendly and can be customized to suit your business needs. They also help boost brand awareness and make customers feel more loyal to your business. In addition, they are cost-efficient and can be used multiple times by the customer.

From kraft brown shoppers to custom printed retail bags, there are several options available when it comes to paper bag production. The most common type of paper used is duplex paper, which has two different surfaces and offers a high degree of ink adhesion. It is also economical and suitable for most common product lines. Briston paper, on the other hand, has a glossy surface and is ideal for high-end products.

The paper bag’s versatility has earned it the attention of innovators and retailers alike. Bloomingdale’s version of the classic kraft brown bag breathed new life into the retail giant, while Apple’s sleek white bag has become a standard at the tech company.

The paper bag’s open-mouth design makes it a great choice for lunch bags, bringing home groceries, or toting small gifts. The pinch bottom design stays open while being loaded, giving it a similar appearance to an envelope. The wide-top construction and pointed seal on the base of the bag make it a popular option for bakery products, as well.

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