5 Fire Safety Measures in School that should always be Priority

fire safety measures in school

Fire safety should always be top of mind for schools. They must implement comprehensive fire evacuation plans and hold regular drills.

Children need to understand the significance of following directions during a fire drill and that reentering buildings requires being given permission by an adult first.

Evaculation Plans

School buildings contain many flammable materials that must be kept free from chemicals and potential fire hazards, including science labs, kitchen spaces and workshops.

School evacuation plans must be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that stairways and doors remain unblocked at all times, and that everyone knows where they will meet up once the fire alarm sounds. Furthermore, it’s vital that there be someone designated who takes an inventory head count to verify that all students, teachers, and staff members have safely exited the building.

Provide each classroom with a map showing two escape routes and regularly practice fire drills so children are familiar with preparing themselves and following their escape route in an emergency situation.

Keep Matches and Lighters Out of Children’s Reach

Students often have an insatiable curiosity for fire, leading them to explore it by playing with matches or lighters. Such activities have been the cause of numerous school fires; thus it’s essential that schools implement measures to stop these instances from recurrence.

Place clear maps in each room that depict two or more escape routes and teach children that the hallways and stairwells must remain clear of obstructions at all times. Engage students in aiding staff efforts in keeping this area unobstructed.

Teach children the importance of crawling on hands and knees when evacuating buildings because smoke rises, drawing closer to where fresh air exists. Remind them to always count their classmates after leaving and wait until given permission before returning into any building until given the all-clear signal.

Teach Kids How to Call 911

Children should know to dial 911 only in an actual emergency, such as fire or other serious problems. Prank calls could delay first responders from arriving quickly at the scene to assist those who may need their assistance.

School staff should conduct routine inspections to ensure there are no obstructions blocking fire exits and that fire safety equipment is readily available. Furthermore, an evacuation plan and list of named fire wardens should also be in place. Finally, children should be instructed to gather at a “Safe Zone” upon exiting and wait until given permission before reentering.

Evacuate the Building Immediately

Fires at school can result in injuries and property damages says fire sprinkler service companies. To protect their students and staff from fire hazards, schools should implement proactive safeguards against fire.

Every student and teacher should understand the procedures for evacuation in case of fire, with an extra exit available in case their main one becomes blocked.

Your school should also designate an area in case of fire where people requiring assistance can go. Furthermore, having a roster with all students’ names helps ensure everyone is accounted for.

Teachers and students should be encouraged to report any signs of fire safety concerns, such as blockages of escape routes, missing signage or blocked stairwells. Tidying landscaping can also help make an immediate difference in fire safety measures.

Conduct Fire Drills

Schools should conduct regular fire alarm tests and evacuation drills to test them and ensure that all fire safety procedures work as intended. In addition, drills provide everyone with an understanding of what should happen during an emergency situation and ensure all procedures work as intended.

Teachers should take time during these drills to highlight all of the primary escape routes within their classroom and school building, instructing students to keep these areas clear of obstructions and prevent blockages at all times.

Be sure to familiarize all teachers with a predetermined meeting location outside the school where everyone should gather once they exit the building. Ensure a roster is available to take attendance so all children are counted.

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