Industrial Packaging for Different Industry Sectors in El Paso

Industrial packaging in El Paso is typically tailored specifically for each product and designed for tough transportation and handling conditions.

Cushioning material (or “void fill”) is used to protect fragile products during shipment. Common options include air bags, crinkle paper and moulded polystyrene.

Food & Beverages

Food and beverage packaging serves several functions in the food and beverage industry: protection and tamper resistance as well as meeting specific physical, chemical or biological criteria of products such as food or beverages; promotion of nutrition through rapid distribution throughout value chains and postharvest losses reduction. Materials commonly employed by this sector include rigid plastic, flexible packaging materials like paper or leather textile materials as well as wood earthenware textile materials metal beverage cans aerosols and glasses among many others.

No matter if it’s to stand out on supermarket shelves or introduce new products that resonate with consumers, packaging is your direct interface with them. Selecting an ideal material and design can be challenging; an experienced printing and packaging partner can assist in selecting what will best represent your product or service.

Consider using resealable packaging for your products, which enables easy opening and reclosing – particularly useful if they need to remain fresh such as deli meats or packaged cheese.


Many chemicals are potentially toxic to human beings and must be properly packaged to safeguard them from exposure to moisture, light, temperature fluctuations and chemical reactions. Furthermore, chemical packages must be airtight to avoid evaporation.

Different chemicals require specific storage and handling needs, which fuels growth within the industry. Containers designed to safely transport liquid chemicals are generally utilized; this may be metal drums or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

Plastic IBCs are increasingly becoming the go-to solution when it comes to chemical storage solutions, due to their lightweight nature, eco-friendliness and reusability. IBCs can store lubricants, detergents and cleaners safely.

Metallic drums are ideal for transporting flammable chemicals as they stay electrically grounded without producing static electricity, as well as being easy to load into a dry van truck without leakage issues during transport. Other containers available include totes and buckets. In order to prevent mixing of two-part products like chain degreaser/lubricants during packaging processes.

Health & Beauty

Health and beauty businesses sell a range of items including medicines, skin care, hair care products, make-up, perfumes and toiletries. Their packaging must protect these goods while clearly communicating essential customer information; while still remaining visually pleasing.

Cosmetic packaging should be designed to catch customers’ eyes and attract potential buyers and customers. Eye-catching elements may include vibrant colors, foil stamping and soft touch lamination – elements which create a striking appearance for packaging products that must also be safe and hygienic for consumption.

Many consumers in the health and beauty sector make purchasing decisions based on instinctive or emotional impulses, so it is critical for companies to align their packaging with their brand message to increase customer retention rates and boost loyalty. Cartonboard makes an ideal material as it has high structural integrity while accommodating various shapes and sizes.


Electronics are at the core of modern life, from microchips found inside computers to the flashy plastic casing on cell phones. Because electronics can often be fragile and costly, proper packaging is crucial to ensure they reach their destinations undamaged.

Attractive packaging can also help increase sales by drawing customers’ eyes towards your product and increasing trust with them. This can be especially crucial for startups trying to break into e-commerce market.

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Dependent upon the level of electronics, packaging materials can be designed to meet various requirements such as heat dissipation, mechanical support and structural profiles, electrical insulation, environmental protection, and functional properties. Conductive dunnage, cardboard dividers and antistatic foam inserts can all help keep sensitive components safe during shipping while creating more organized spaces so cords won’t tangle together during transit – saving businesses both repairs and returns costs.

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