Is more SEO Based Content Better? 12 topics addressed by SEO Mythbusting Team

There is a general saying that the more content your page has, the better it ranks on google. Do you think it is TRUE or FALSE?

In my opinion, a webpage does have higher chance to rank better if there are more seo based content than not. The probability to rank for more keywords also increase as you cover more sub topics in that article.

Today, we have the SEO Mythbusting team to answer this question thoroughly.

Specific timestamped topics discussed:

Updating the same type of content each year vs creating new one (00:00)

Introduction to the episode (1:07)

How much content should I have and to what extent does this help my performance? (1:52)

Does having a blog / producing new content help my performance on Google? (03:02)

Updating older pieces of content (04:00)

Is there any way that Google tells us if there’s ‘too much content’ or maybe that content is underperforming? (04:40)

Underperforming content and the overall trustworthiness or authority (05:36)

Grouping and consolidation of one’s content (06:19)

Is word count a ranking factor? (08:07)

Specific keywords and word count (8:39)

Auto-generated content & canonicalization (9:32)

How does Google determine duplicate content? (11:35)

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3 thoughts on “Is more SEO Based Content Better? 12 topics addressed by SEO Mythbusting Team

  1. Very interesting topic on the word count of seo content. I always thought and hear that the more the better. It cost more in terms of time and money when outsourcing a longer article vs a short one. However, I think the general guideline is to write more than the Top 5 current sites. That should be enough.

  2. I am following this seo channel recently..nice to see you posting about it…lots of seo myths uncovered in this channel.

  3. Noope…not really… ONpage SEO is good as well.

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